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We will achieve this through a responsive and caring approach which focuses on improving outcomes for the good of all concerned.

Environmental Mediation Dispute Service

A free service will be run during 2012 and sponsored by Local Government Association of Tasmania member Councils and the EPA Board to assist parties to resolve disputes relating to environmental matters. This service will commence on the 1 February 2012.
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Our main services

Workplace Wellbeing

Most of us want to work in a harmonious environment. It has been demonstrated that happy employees are more productive, less stressed, take less sick leave and enjoy coming to work and are more likely to participate as a team player. Any employer would thus benefit from effective team work.
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Dispute Resolution

At times we may experience dispute and conflict in the workplace. This may be as a colleague, manager or individual. Conflict can take many forms and can in some cases be resolved easily but on occasion conflict can spiral out of control. This can lead to a major cost to your team and organization, and at an individual level can mean reduced productivity, lowered morale, reduced ability to effectively communicate, exclusion and even ill health.
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The key to many successful workplaces is the provision of training that is relevant, accurate, and regular.
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Injury Management Assist

Workers compensation claims that result from a workplace injury and the management of that injury can present significant challenges for all parties. To assist in resolution of issues that may arise it is often beneficial to seek the assistance of qualified and experience practitioners. We offer such assistance to the public and private sectors.
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